ABOUT ET Young Leaders B-School

The Economic Times Young Leaders B-School Edition is a platform for recognising and rewarding India’s most promising final year management students. This initiative is meant to encourage, identify and nurture young individuals many of who will be stepping into the corridors of India Inc. for the very first time.

The programme administers a combination of assessment tools, online as well as on-ground, and culminates in face-to-face interviews with leaders from the corporate world. A List of the top B-School Young Leaders is attained at the end of assessments across four phases.

So far, across two editions, the ET Young Leaders B-School edition received participation from approx. 25,000 management students and 41 deserving candidates have been identified as promising young leaders stepping into India Inc.

In the 2015 edition, 11 of the 22 Young leaders have joined the coveted Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs.

The ProgramME Is Designed To Offer You

Five levels of gratification

  • PPIs from the Aditya Birla Group for their Leadership Programmes

  • Self-discovery of your own managerial strengths (and limitations) on globally-validated and industry-endorsed standards

  • Feature in the coveted ET Young Leaders B-School list, and gain recognition as one of India's top managerial talents

  • Networking with the country's brightest minds

  • Meeting and exclusive interactions with some of India's blue-chip CEOs

ETYL B-School Edition 2015 – Highlights

  • 13,000   In 2015, the ET Young Leaders B-School edition received participation from approx. 13,000 students

  • 22deserving candidates made it to the Young Leaders List

  • 11have joined the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs

  • 10of India’s top CEOs interviewed the finalists

  • 1glittering felicitation ceremony. Visit our gallery

Participation Process

Four steps to make it to the list

  • 1


    Register on the website and spend 20 minutes on a quick & simple online personality test

  • 2


    Online tests on quantitative, verbal ability, logical reasoning & managerial skills

  • 3


    An assessment on functional knowledge and oral communication

  • 4


    Interview with the industry’s top CEOs

Assessment Partner

Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Mind’s key mission is to quantify employability to provide scalable and scientific feedback to students, institutions, industry and governments. It has pioneered large-scale employability assessments, SAT/GRE for jobs required across the world to drive accountability and meritocracy in higher education and employment markets.

Aspiring Mind’s AMCAT is the largest employability test in India and has a wide user base in Philippines, Middle East, Africa and USA. AMCAT assesses job-seekers on language, aptitude and functional skills. AMCAT, is a world- class employability assessment tool, is statically reliable and an adaptive test. The test ensures high test validity comparable with the global best. It is the only standardized employability test that provides student and institutions with detailed job- suitability feedback. Over one million candidates take AMCAT everywhere and AMCAT is the standard for recruitment for over 700 corporations.

For more information visit: www.aspiringminds.com